Welcome to our Celebration

During 2009, the Town of Hadley, Massachusetts is celebrating its 350th anniversary in grand fashion. Please visit our Events page (Click on the Events button on the left) for all the exciting events planned.

This celebration is a wonderful opportunity for residents of Hadley and the surrounding communities, clubs, and organizations and businesses to come together to celebrate the unique heritage that makes Hadley the special community that it is.

Over 100 people are volunteering for the celebrations and we welcome more.  Let us know if you would like to help.

Would you like to contribute your family or business historical information and memorabilia? We are looking for historical artifacts, documents, photos, and other memorabilia to display and include in programs and publications.

Throughout 2009, this website will provide news, information and details on the host of activities. Please visit us again.  Also contact us if you have ideas or would like to help in any way.

Together, we are making this a truly memorable celebration for the wonderful town of Hadley.


The Hadley 350th Committee

“Unity in the Community” Candle Lighting

As our historical year comes to a close, we all are reflecting on the wonderful happenings that took place; the generosity of the citizens of Hadley, the great support of all the events throughout the year, the reflection of past traditions and history, the sheer enjoyment of the present, and the promise of continuing pride for our town well into the future.

Years ago, the old tradition of placing candles in the windows of homes was recreated by Miss Dorothy Russell. She inspired residents to place white candles lights in the windows and actively handed them out during the holiday season. Many still have fond memories of her and of seeing so many homes in town decorated with these lights.

So, we are encouraging everyone in Hadley to place white candle lights in their windows from Thanksgiving to the end of the year.

When we see these lights, may we be reminded of the traditions and memories of the past, the enjoyment of the present, and may they light the way to a bright future for the town of Hadley.

We would like to dedicate this candle lighting to Miss Dorothy Russell and to ALL the people of Hadley that made this 350th celebration another wonderful memory in Hadley’s great history.