We Love our Volunteers

We Love our Volunteers

Please consider joining us (see section below for volunteers needed).

350th Steering Committee
Mary Thayer co-chair
David Martula co-chair
Wayne Buckhout
Sandi Buckhout
Gerry Devine
Betty Fydenkevez
Mary Lou Laurenza
Marla Miller
MaryAnn Mish
Chip Parsons
Kristen Styspeck
John Vassallo
Joyce West

Dinner Dance
Betty Fydenkevez
Carol Zgrodnik
Carol Trane
Camilla World Peace
Mary Thayer
Mary Ann Wanczyk

Farm Tours
Beth Cook
Paula Barstow

Antique Tractor Show 
Bruce Jenks
Tami Kokoski
Paul Ciaglo

Photo contest
Mary Lou Laurenza
Patsy Lewis
Phyllis Milardo
Allison Ryan
Marcia Wojewoda

Chip Parsons co-chair
Norm Barstow co-chair
Janet Barstow
David and Joyce Fill
Carla Grabiec
Chris Hopkins
Dennis Hukowicz
Alan Jacque
John Kieras
John Koloski
Shari Parsons
Jessica and Michael Spanknebel
Holly Zamzow

Garden and Artist Tours, Artist Festival
Debbie Windoloski
Steve Wilda
Elizabeth Wilda
Mary Thayer
Nancy Fernald

EFO Celebrates Hadley’s 350th
Mary Lou Laurenza
Carol Forman
Brenda Pelissier
Elaine Tudryn
Katie Egan

Fireman’s Muster and Block Party
Ken Rodak
Mary Lou Laurenza

350th Road Race
David Martula chair
Donna Utakis, Race Director and
Sugarloaf Mountain Athletic Club, Inc.

History Fair, Angels of Hadley play 
MaryAnn Mish, chair
Dave Martula
Terri Smith
Allan Zuchowski
Elizabeth Vachula

350 x 24 Hadley Artist Exhibit 
Jane Nevin-Smith
John Romanski
Steve Wilda
Elizabeth Wilda

Wayne Buckhout co-chair
Sandi Buckhout co-chair
Elaine Tudryn
Joanne Keller
Andrea Goguen
Sarah Wanczyk

Souvenir Store volunteers
Helen Baj
Joanne Walrath
Martha Boisvert
Marjorie Barstow
Kathy Tudryn
Jane Booth
Brenda Tudryn
Rosalie Weinburg
Carolyn Hayes
Urshula Wood
Pat Osip
Caryn Perley
Cynthia Wade
Bob Page
Gerry Harvey

Calendar & Publications
Marla Miller
Claire Carlson
Mary Thayer

Joyce West
Dave Moskin
Dave Martula
Mary Thayer
John Vassallo

Web site
Rick Thayer
Mary Thayer
Dan Thayer

Paul Benjamin and Marian Chapman,
The Benjamin Company

Hopkins Student Council contact:
Katie Brewer

Girl Scout contact: 
Kelly Dwight

Hadley Village Music concert series:
Polly Keener

Lecture series: 
Hadley Historical Commission,
Marla Miller and Claire Carlson, co-chairs

Hadley History book, “Cultivating a Past”: 
Hadley Historical Commission
Marla Miller, editor

Janel Beaulieu, TD Banknorth
Janet Selavka

Please help.  We are looking for volunteers to staff “The 350th Souvenir Shoppe” as well as to help with 350th events.

Would you like to volunteer to help at some of the 350th events?  There are many ways to help.  Some involve just a few hours, some more.
It’s a great way to participate in the events, and to meet more of your neighbors.

Souvenir shoppe:  We need volunteers to help out at special “traveling” events, to set up a display at some of the events planned for the year.  You can
help out just once with this or several times.  Volunteers are also needed for the souvenir shoppe on a regular basis.  We are open Tuesday nights 6:30 to 8:30
and Fridays 1 PM to 3:45 PM.  Volunteers at the Shoppe can commit to once a week, once a month, or twice a month.

Photo contest:
need someone to create a video loop of 350th photos that we have received and can be put on a DVD or CD (to be done by June 1)
need people to help hang the photos for the photo show at the Summit House- Sun 4/26 at 10:00 am

Hockanum Schoolhouse Plant Sale May 30th: 
Do you have plants to donate to the sale?  Would you like to help pot up plants on May 9th from 10 to noon at 179
Hockanum Rd?  All funds raised go to help preserve the schoolhouse.

Parade June 14:
Need lots of helpers: 14 to help with the orderly formation of the parade, 10 along the parade route and 14 at the end of the parade on West Street

Hadley Garden Tour and Artist Studio Tour, Artist Festival on July 18th:  need two volunteers at each garden and studio, to help direct people, about 20
needed in all. Volunteers needed at First Congregational Church to help with artist festival: set up, clean up, help during the day.

Chicken BBQ and Corn Fest with Lawn Concert on August 22: 
need help with set up, food, clean up

Fireman’s Muster
:  need people to volunteer to help Park & Rec in the Children’s games they will run on the Commons during the Firemen’s Muster on Sept 12.

Polka Festival: people to help out at the EFO Polka Celebration Aug 8 with set-up and food prep, etc

Road race Oct 17:  around 25 volunteers needed: publicity, logistics, course set up, registration, t-shirt distribution, water table, marshals for corners,
finish line, food, and clean up.

History Fair Weekend:  greeters needed at the various talks and events throughout the day

Also, we are looking for videographers, video editors and photographers to help record the many events of the celebration.

If you would like to help, please reach out to one of our volunteers, Thank you!!!